What if my plant arrives damaged in shipping or unhealthy?

If Your Plant Arrives Damaged or Unhealthy

We are so happy your plants found their way to your loving home! Some shock from shipping is common. Broken leaves can be removed and will not harm your new plants. Green house life was a lot different, so we would recommend you give them a week to acclimate to their new home and reference the care guides for giving them some extra love to see if they will spring back. More often than not they do! If they continue to worsen after a week, send us some pictures and we can guide you from there. You can find our care guides here: https://cellardoorplants.com/pages/care-guides.

If you are concerned the plant is dying, send us an email at support@cellardoorplants.com with some pictures of the plant and your packing slip if you have it and we can guide you from there.