Why didn't my Plant Points apply to my order?

Plant Points Did Not Apply to Your Order

Plant points do not apply to an order automatically, you must redeem them and then enter the code at checkout.

Applying Plant Points to a Previous Order
If you would like to apply Plant Points to a previous order, fill out the form here making sure to fill it out completely to provide the following information:
1) The Order Number and date. 
2) How many Plant Points you would like to redeem for that order.

To redeem your Plant Points in the future, follow this process:

1) Go to the Cellar Door website and log-in to your account. (Please see the FAQ article "What if I can't login to my Cellar Door Plants account?" if you need assistance with this).
2) Click the button on the bottom right side of the page "Plant Points".
3) A table should pop up that shows rewards and the ones that you are eligible to redeem.
4) Click "Redeem" for the reward you would like to use and it will generate a code for you to use at check-out! 

Additional Assistance with Plant Points
If you have additional issues, fill out the form here to receive further help!